Product IQ

The Internet and online commerce has created tremendous advantages for both the global consumer and vendor. Yet businesses and consumers, who enjoy the benefits of quick and easy sales as vendors enjoy concomitant access to a world of potential customers. Yet this is the exact same rationale for illicit vendors who peddle counterfeit products and services online.

The dangers associated with these products of course are legion. Fake foods, medicines, electrical chords, baby formula, brake pads, aircraft parts, all have been found in use purchased through "legitimate" channels online. Further, illicit payments for sales and use of these products is also critical intelligence. Hence, it is critical that business, governments, and consumers have up-to-date information on genuine products, any warnings of fakes, and any illegal payments to induce their use..

S-3 has been able to create Product IQ assessments, ie, the perceptions, complaints, potential illicit vending, and other avenues relevant to the legitimate seller and buyer, and to promote useful expansions of buyer-seller cooperation and communication. Some of our work in this area includes:

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