Social Media and Infoveillance

Ryan Haight was a teenager who died of drug overdose in 2001 after buying opioids over the Internet.  “I love you, Mom” were the last words Ryan Haight said to his mother as she kissed him goodnight.

Despite the Ryan Haight Act created in 2008 to regulate online Internet prescriptions, there are still an estimated 28000 online pharmacies that fail to adhere to legal and safety requirements.  Many of these sell controlled substances like opioids direct to consumers creating a dangerous eco-system for overdose.


Indeed, the proliferation of illicit drug sales and other healthcare "treatments" have spread throughout social media, much beyond the simple webpage online drug seller. All platforms now have illegal vendors who actively seek out and market to users of all ages.

The time and memories lost due to illicit drug and other sellers across social media cannot be replaced. We at S-3 want to prevent the tragedies like Ryan Haight, and work to engage technologies and research to stop these criminals.

Some of our work in this area includes:

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