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Humans + Machines = Dynamic Intelligence

S-3 Research provides you human and machine assisted solutions as a Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) so that you can generate actionable health and safety intelligence

Big data generation

Custom ML & DL approach

Novel intelligence 

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Tackling complex public health challenges with data-driven solutions

Open source intelligence


social listening

Interdisciplinary research methods

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/ The S-3 Engine

The S-3 Engine comprises our three cores of technology services including multi-platform data collection (S1), advanced data analysis using supervised and unsupervised machine learning (S2), and custom data visualization solutions to enable actionable intelligence (S3).  These three cores combine for our dynamic interdisciplinary Research-as-a-Service offering that is modular to fit clients specific needs

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Whole-of-the-Internet Data Collection

Provide custom data collection services across different Internet ecosystems including major social media platforms, Internet search results, e-commerce sites, and also the dark web

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Advanced and Customized Data Analysis

Use of customized approaches to tailor complex research and commercial challenges, including NLP, supervised machine learning, deep learning, and statistical, GIS, and legal and policy analysis

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Custom Data Visualization and Solutions

Creation of client-specific web-hosted dashboards with customization to communicate intelligence that is impactful, interactive, and actionable  

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Interdisciplinary RaaS Solutions 

Decades of experience conducting academic research translated to real-world solutions.  Other research services include mixed methods, digital health application development, and others 

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Abstract Building

Our work featured in major media outlets

Check out the media coverage of S-3 Research's work on important public health issues from major media outlets

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Clients and Case Studies

Case Study: Tackling the Opioid and Fentanyl Crisis Online

S-3 Research provides different clients and stakeholders digital intelligence to detect, characterize, and interdict illicit sales of opioids, fentanyl, and other illicit drugs online.  These services help prevent opioid overdose, fentanyl poisoning, and improve the security of the drug supply chain.  S-3 also recently participated on the advisory committee for National Fentanyl Awareness Day.

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Project Description:  S-3 was awarded a subcontract as part of a $1 million grant to identify barriers and challenges for young minorities to enrolling in COVID-19 clinical trials using data science and digital health approaches

U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Cooperative Grant 

Service Description:  S-3 currently provides online safety monitoring services for Snap Inc. (parent company of Snapchat) to identify trends and threats associated with illicit online drug sales on social media platforms

Snap Inc. - Online Safety Monitoring Services  

Contract Description:  S-3 was awarded a $1.75 million contract from the National Institute on Drug Abuse through the SBIR program to develop technology to address illicit online drug diversion

National Institutes of Health - Research and Commercialization Contract

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