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Technology Companies and Internet Platforms

S-3 offers data science services to enhance existing trust and safety operations, aid content moderation teams, and has tools to detect specific prohibited goods and content violation-related content.  We offer a comprehensive and proactive solution to address possible violations of platform policies.

Our modular service offering focus on external data gathering that does not require access to data directly from platforms themselves. 

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Detection of Prohibited Content Across the Entire Internet

S-3's comprehensive set of open source data collection and analysis tools can help identify internal and external threats to your platform's trust and safety environment.  S-3 can scan Internet search results, social media posts, and the dark web for users exploiting your platform to engage in illegal activity


Our dynamic trust and safety solutions will help platforms efficiently and cost-effectively detect content that threatens platform integrity, and can mitigate potential offline harm from this content

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Images of users engaged in prohibited content across multiple platforms

Proactive Account and Keyword Flagging Intelligence

S-3's systems can provide curated lists of keywords, codewords, hashtags, and other data characteristics of interest that can help platforms prevent prohibited content from reaching online users


Our multi-platform trust and integrity services can identify accounts and keywords that are commonly used with high-risk prohibited goods and services content to optimize your own mitigation strategies

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AI Tools to Assist Decision-making for Trust and Safety

S-3's solutions are backed by rigorous science and research.  The team has published several papers demonstrating the use of data mining, machine learning, and web forensics to detect and characterize a number of different high-risk prohibited goods and services areas


Check out our published studies that range from detection of illicit drug trafficking to characterization of corruption, wildlife trafficking, fraudulent COVID-19 products, online misinformation, and other public safety issues 

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Other Dynamic Trust and Security Services

Beyond our core multi-platform trust and safety tools, we also offer a number of different services to both lower the cost and enable more proactive and efficient content detection, moderation, and removal. All of this intelligence can be generated based on client needs in reports, datasets, and customized dashboards


Additional services include multilingual capabilities (e.g., Chinese, Spanish, Persian, and other languages), fraud detection to assess possible risk associated with prohibited content, and validation to assess if detected accounts are still active

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