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Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Regulators

S-3 offers a comprehensive suite of data science and research services for government agencies, regulators, and law enforcement stakeholders.  Our RaaS offerings include a number of different capabilities and service options

As a minority owned small business with an award from the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program, S-3 is also eligible to become a sole source provider to the government without going through an open contract competition

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Case Study 1:  Detection and Investigation of Illegal Drug Trafficking

S-3 works with different stakeholders to detect, characterize, investigate, and interdict the illicit online sale and trafficking of drugs. Whether it involves social media accounts, Internet sites, or dark web marketplaces, we generate intelligence that is actionable


Drug trafficking is not all we do, we also have published research and engagements on identify online networks related to corruption, wild trafficking, gun sales, illegal sex services, and other use cases that impact public safety and health

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S-3 was awarded a startup award from in 2017 to create the company and had its work featured in this article

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Methodology for multi-platform social listening study examining health equity and HIV prevention treatment (Xu et al 2022, JMIR Info)

Case Study 2:  Big Data and Machine Learning for Public Health and Health Equity

As part of a Broad Agency Announcement contract award and a separate U01 Cooperative Agreement, S-3 Research is building big data and digital health solutions to better understand and address health equity topics


Our data science and research services for this project include multi-platform social listening, qualitative focus groups, statistical and geospatial analysis, and digital tool co-ideation and testing 

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Case Study 3:  Map-based Solutions to Tackle the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has presented challenges to improving minority health and eliminating health disparities.  As part of a funded SBIR Phase I from NIDA (1R43DA057708-01), S-3 developed web hosted map technologies that can identify where substance use disorder treatment is needed the most and where burden is high.


Map-based tools also have other benefits to advance public health. This includes map tools we have developed to track compliance of tobacco and cannabis sellers, a risk map identifying communities that have a higher burden of substance use and other risks (e.g., suicide, crime, etc.), and building predictive models to anticipate where these resources are needed to address them. 

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Interactive web-based map tool that links to a national database of substance use disorder treatment centers and provides predictive analytics about where treatment disparities exist

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Advanced Data Science and Interdisciplinary Research Services

At the core of S-3 is a passion for research and discovery.  S-3 team members have advanced training in a number of different disciplines including data science, public health, quantitative and qualitative research methods, policy analysis, and specialize in interdisciplinary and innovative research services


Our RaaS services include a number of different methods including big data, data mining, natural language processing, custom machine learning, deep learning, social network analysis, statistical analysis, geospatial analysis, policy and legal analysis, and more

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